Retail Project Managers: RPM Express

Logistics, Consolidation, Distribution

RPM Express takes care of all of the logistics associated with your project. This includes, but is not limited to: planning, purchasing, consolidations, reverse consolidations, warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, transportation and distribution. You just tell us what you need, where you need it and when it needs to be there and then sit back.

RPM's distribution system consists of strategically located centers housing supplies, materials, fixtures, equipment, signage and any other merchandise required for your job. This system allows RPM Express to make point-to-point and multiple stop disbursements for the rapid deployment of new displays, fixtures, and departments.

It is because of ingenious solutions such as this that we can make this promise: "We guarantee a 100% on time, complete and damage free delivery and installation. Then you receive just one invoice, from one company: RPM."

Logistics & Planning

  • Point-to-Point: Dedicated loads - sequenced by onsite project manager needs.
  • "Store in a Box": Drop trailers to serve as local work space / fixture trailers to work out of (where space is at a premium - usually remodeling of an existing store).
  • "Milk Run": multiple store/stop per load - 2 through 10 stores per load.
  • Inter-Modal: trains, ships, trucks combined for the best cost international deliveries.
  • LTL: National distributions of small package services.
  • Cross Docking: with inside deliveries by RPM FastTrak teams.
  • Rolling Warehouse: Bulk product distributed per store by RPM FastTrak teams.

Distribution Services

  • Direct shipments
  • Regional warehouse consolidation
  • Cross Dock distributions
  • Two-Tier distributions
  • Regional point to point "City Center" distributions
  • Regional distributions by FastTrak teams

Inventory Programs


  • "Customer specific" inventories
  • Purchased by retailer
  • Floor planned - vendor owned
  • Store specific palletized store orders from vendors
  • Pick & pack parts and pieces


  • Signage and inventory pieces

Asset reclamation

  • Used equipment
  • Liquidation
  • Reverse consolidation and restoration


  • Staging and pulling of inventory for location specific shipments of multiple stop distributions
  • Regional warehousing for local or regional distribution
  • Local warehousing for site/store-specific inventory staging