Project Command Center

The more complicated the task... the better we like it.

We do it all - large or small!

RPM is a new kind of company. We provide and manage all the services required to perform rollouts and continuous renewal programs for mass retailers - regardless of project size. You can take advantage of all of our services or just a few--we can even design new services specifically for your project. Either way, we have all the tools and experience to manage your project, no matter how big or small.

We take care of purchasing, shipping, coordination, and installation. All of the pertinent job information is available to you online for monitoring 24/7 during the entire operation.

Not only do we get the job done, we get it done on time, and on the money.

We offer four distinct divisions of service here at RPM. You can use them all, or just the ones required for your project. Whichever option you choose, we know that you'll agree with all our customers, RPM makes their jobs easier.

RPM OneSource

One vendor, one invoice, no risk.

The RPM OneSource division consolidates all the assets and services required for a large-scale rollout or renewal program, under a single umbrella, RPM. The RPM OneSource team handles the purchasing of fixtures, accessories, point-of-purchase displays, signage, equipment, and all other necessary items, and then coordinates with the installation and logistics teams. RPM OneSource uses an online program management database to manage each customer's assets, inventories, distribution costs, and other numbers, in an easy access format for simple review and report generation.

In simpler terms, tell us your program budget and needs, and we will buy it, track it, install it, and send you a single invoice at the end of the job. You get to stand back and watch it happen, and pay one bill for all of it.

RPM Direct

Asset & Services Management, online!

RPM Direct is the RPM online 'client specific' portion of the program management database. All team members, vendors, and distribution centers have the ability to instantly collaborate and consolidate all the information related to your project. This includes actual versus scheduled rollout progress, actual versus budgeted costs, current inventories, and other data vital to accurate management reporting.

Your valuable historical data is now all in one place no matter who your vendors are and where your assets went.

RPM Express

We move it to where it needs to be.

RPM Express is our logistical delivery system that makes point-to-point and multiple stop drops through strategically located distribution centers around the nation. These distribution centers stock fixtures, equipment, materials, signage, and all the merchandise necessary for any retail chain rollout or fulfillment program.

Why have your in-house people manage the distribution? Just tell us where it is, where it needs to go, when it needs to be there, and we'll do the rest.

RPM FastTrak

Assemble, install, hang, and fold.

RPM FastTrak is our team of people that handle tactical 'in-store' placement, assembly, merchandising, and installation of point-of-purchase displays, fixtures, and complete departments inside retail chain stores. RPM FastTrak people do whatever it takes to get the job done, sometimes even drive the trucks! They coordinate with the distribution centers and update the RPM online program management database so there is never any question about the status of your project. They can even upload digital images so you can view the progress on your computer.

The RPM Team understands that customer satisfaction includes everybody from the Store Manager to the CEO.

RPM is a custom tailored kind of Company. We believe in working with our customers to provide exactly the services they need to get their task completed simply, easily, on time, and on budget.