Retail Project Managers: Customer Gateway

Who We're Working With

Here are a few of the clients with whom RPM is currently working, or for whom proposals are pending, or for whom demo sites have been constructed.

RPM Project Management Portal

RPM Project Management Portal

This unique gateway is the portal through which RPM and its team members communicates with all of its past, present and future customers. It is the active collaboration of project teams (customer, vendor, contractor, architect, and RPM personnel) that make it unique. Through it each team member uploads and updates: shipment & installation schedules, AutoCad plans, site surveys, prototype plans and photos, department or display drawings, digital or scanned photos, RFQs and active quotations, presentations and proposals.

Using the RPM Project Management Portal, retailers, vendors, project managers, and RPM team members can add information and update the RPM-Direct Project Management site by computer from any internet connection for large-scale rollouts and continuous renewal of retail stores. Optionally, you can manage your project completely wirelessly – in store – on site – traveling from store to store – any time – anywhere!

RPM is excited to bring this new-age technology to the retail marketplace in its attempt to speed up communication and collaboration of all stakeholders.